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Outdoor display system for LOOK 17 at Openeye

(Photographs by Jemma Louise Hall)

A new multi-use outdoor display system for the LOOK 2017 Photography fesitival in association with Openeye at various locations across Liverpool. This approach was concieved for it's flexibility and usability, with one moving component allowing artworks of different heights to be inserted and locked into position. The lightweight framework of steel and aluminium allows easy maneuverability and can be safely secured in position with two pre-cast concrete blocks.

Fourteen units of two variations we're fabricated for this commission which lived at two outdoor sites during the festival and displayed 28 photographs by different artists.

Technical information

Fully collapsable flat packabale framework of mild steel, featuring 25mm channeled side bars which allows 2 x aluminium clamping bars to move independently along the channel to accomodate various sizes of perspex mounted artwork in different positions in the framwork.

Mild steel tray system to accomodate 2 x reinforced cast concrete weights, which each have 2 handles to allow easy installation and storage.


Unit #1

180cm (h) x 80cm (w) x 60cm (base depth)

Unit #2

165cm (h) x 65cm (w) x 60cm (base depth)